Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Something to throw back to! - Part 1

There is one thing that gets me sad when I think about, which is, the fact that my awesome friends are far from me. Or rather, I am far from them. I cannot help but to admit that since Animangaki last month, I keep wanting to meet my friends. So, I traveled to meet them.

In Candylicious inside 1U.

I met up with Kay at the Kelana Jaya LRT Station  and waited for Elie and Hannah mami to pick us up. The traffic was a little bad because it was a public holiday, but we made it to 1U. As soon as we were there,  we went to have our lunch. I don't remember the name of the restaurant though.

I wish I took more photos on my cell, but Elie's will do~

Our lunch, and crazy selfies!

We then went to Candylicious and illegally took photos in there. :P Next stop was Toys R Us, and lastly Tutti Frutti before we headed home.

After our Tutti Frutti!

This one's a little epic. We took this on an escalator.  Well we attempted to take a few. So, we actually went up and down several times! It was crazily funny!!

Although we were only together for several hours, but I wish we could stay longer.
I wish I could meet up with them easily.
I wish I stayed near them.


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