Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pikachu Gijinka

Am I happy to say that I have attended Animangaki 2014 last Saturday! I only attended the first day but it was enough to make me feel positively splendiferous. Looking back at this event, Animangaki was the first event that I cosplayed, it was 2009 then and I was completely a newbie. Animangaki 2009 was where I met and made new friends who have common interest. Being in this event in a different year makes me miss everything so much! 

Okay, let's cut the long (hi)story short, I cosplayed as a Pokemon gijinka (Google 'gijinka' if you have to!), and I had chosen Pikachu~ I am very happy with myself and I miss the event and I miss my friends already!

I have stripes and the tail too, okay? Ahahah

Some selfies I took! Wait, the one on the top left was taken by Hannah mami-chyan~

Such selfie, much love. *insert corgi face*

And these are few selfies I took from random cosplayers!


And here are my hauls and gifts from Animangaki 2014.

It has only been a few days, but I want to hangout with my friends again!
(despite the fact that I am far from them)


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