Thursday, 3 July 2014

Staying In Touch

My first week of the semester break has been going very well. I have not gotten any part-time job yet, but I am enjoying the free time I have to the fullest.

My students and I have been staying in touch since I left and they miss me very much. Even students whom I do not teach posted on my Facebook wall telling me that they miss me. And every day, I get Facebook messages from them. They're my angels~

Most of the time, I chatted with my students in a Whatsapp group. Well, yesterday one of them attached an image for me. In that image, it was something I scribbled on one of their whiteboards in their class. Somehow I think it is sweet because even scribbles like that becomes a legacy now. One of my boys even wrote "Jangan Padam!!!", meaning 'Do Not Erase!!!" :')

I also chatted with my students on WeChat. Sometimes, we would just send audio messages to each other. 

ps: This is a bonus for me because this student is extremely good-looking. LMAO

I hope all of us, my students and I will continue to stay in touch for a long time.
Hmm.. thinking of 'long time' makes my heart grows fonder. I'll miss them dearly.


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