Friday, December 20, 2013

Plug & Play 2013

I am not sure if I had mentioned that I am taking a guitar class this semester. Well, our final project is to organize or to perform in an event, so as to accomplish the course requirement. In collaboration with the Popular Music course students, we, the Guitar Application students, were given opportunity to shine in front of the crowd.

Lalala~~~ T'is me~

Oh yes, to be honest, the design of the tee was not outstanding due to the colour choices. Having royal purple as the base and black wordings was a terrible move. The lecturer suggested us to paint and/or decorate the tee if we had the time. So I did. I bought Sharpie's gold colour marker and I painted the black wordings. 

Myself, and Hai Feng.

This was taken toward the end of the first session, in the evening. Many of us had gone back. The remaining ones stayed back for a while to support and for photography reasons.


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