Friday, 20 December 2013

IPG-UPSI TESL-ians Farewell Dinner

Two Wednesdays ago, my batch-mates who are doing the twinning programme organized a farewell dinner for all of us. I finally wore Lolita and I was pleased with myself.

Headbow - White Moon
Blouse - Infanta
JSK - White Moon
Petticoat - Classical Puppets, Handsewn
Socks - Offbrand
Shoes - An Tai Na
Brooch - White Moon
Bag - Offbrand

Also, my friend and I performed mashed up songs. The PA system was not at its best and our performance did not look great. However, my friend and I are planning to record ourselves playing again.

This is my roomie. We've been roomies for 3 times. Once was during the orientation week, the second time was in the second semester here, and the last and final time is the current semester. She's been an angelic roomie to me. I'm gonna miss her.

There was also a prize exchange session during the farewell dinner. These were what I got. I was very pleased to receive them. ^___^ I love them very much!


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