Tuesday, 27 August 2013

[REVIEW] Magnetic Naga Nail Polish

 I went to Sasa the other day and bought some nail polishes. Two of those that I bought are the magnetic ones, and they come as a set. The packaging is pretty simple and nice, though the colour choices are very limited. The price is reasonable and a magnetic stick is also included in the set. So I tested one of the them this evening, and here is the outcome.

One coat of the nail polish.

I tried many times until I get the outcome that I am expected to get @@ And when I finally understood how it was supposed to be applied on my nails, I found out that everything's actually very easy to be done!

To sum up the product;
- ideal formula where it is neither too thick nor watery
- very easy to apply 
- colour choices are gorgeous
- one coating is sufficient
- dries quickly
- applies evenly without streaks

- the brush is big thus may easily stain the skin 


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