Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Work in Progress

 The picture on the left was taken in February 2013 (121 lbs), and the picture on the right was taken in June 2013 (108 lbs).

Target: 103 lbs (TONED)

 I find that being fit is more attractive than being slim.
Mother and her friends think that I have been skipping meals or having heartbreaks. Of course it is not true. I have been doing workouts consistently since I have come home. = ] 
(I don't go to gym. I workout only at home and I jog regularly on the field.)
I learn workout techniques via Tumblr (of course, you can learn from YouTube too). Among all that I have learned, I love this one the most.

I started doing these challenges since the weekend, and I am doing great so far ;)

For the core!
For the "dat ass!!" ! LOL!

And I did this today.

Tumblr gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation ;) And I pour my dedication onto improving my body figure. I do not feel regret at all, especially in squats. I have been doing squats on and off since last year and now I am back on my track. I love the look of my own butt now LOL. I love myself and I appreciate myself even more ;) Here are some motivations that I have chosen from Tumblr~

Oh yes, I don't want jiggles and flabs. I prefer muscles over fats in my body.

Doing workout may not be easy, but in the long run, you will realize that it was all worth it ;)


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