Saturday, 22 June 2013

Meow Meow

I was browsing a folder of images and I intended to read some quote-pictures that I saved from Tumblr. There are random junks of the things that I like too, and then this picture comes.

The puppy in the picture reminds me of the puppy that one of the seniors I know brought back to his rented house. :'(

He has a very short tail :') His short tail makes him look cute!

Oh, before I forget, his name is Meow Meow. Ahaha well, senior Ling fed with him cat food at first and joked that he (and Senior Evan) wanted to felin-ize him LOL. Soon enough they fed him with Pedigree~ ^___^

He just woke up when I captured this~

Meow Meow is mischievous most of the time and he really likes to bite things. Training him is not easy too.

Look at his white socks~!

I remember calling him baby or BB for some time when I first see him. I sure love to pet its head although I am afraid that he would bite me. And whenever I try to get nearer to him, he'll run around between my legs. Haha I find that adorable because you see, I don't have a puppy or dog as a pet. = ] One of the memories I can recall is feeding him milk using a baby's milk bottle. Haha I don't know if it sounded silly, but I enjoyed that.

I am not sure how he's doing at the moment. None of the seniors can bring him home, and I cannot too. You see, first it is because of the place I am living in, and second, mom does not want a "big" pet (big=bigger than palm size @@ Which is why we only have hamsters and fish at home). I really hope that he is doing well. I hope he is not suffering from any harm out there. 

This picture belongs to Senior Evan. Taken on the morning before he left for his hometown.

I think of Meow Meow from time to time, and I really miss him a lot. :'(


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