Saturday, 15 June 2013

Denying Monophobia

The thought of being alone in any situation always give me deep terror. I have cried one morning at this age, waking up to realize that there was only myself in the room and there was no sign of any slightest sound. The silence brings me horror and fear, badly. And it mentally choked my breath when I reached for my phone but not knowing who to turn to to keep me company while I was still lying helplessly on the bed. I blasted off the songs in my phone at its maximum volume to fill the empty atmosphere. That was the best and quickest option I had at that time. I do not know, times, I believe that I have monophobia

I wish to keep a pet with me during this semester break so that I will not feel lonely despite having my family with me and various things to do. I thought of maybe a bunny, or a hedgehog. Hamsters'd be fine too since I had raised a few before. I planned to discuss and convince mother to let me have a pet. Then, to my surprise, mother told me that she found a pet shop that finally sells hamsters. I took the opportunity to ask her if I could get a pair of hamsters, and she agreed  It's like she knows what I want (or need). I couldn't be happier~

So this afternoon, mother fetched me to the pet shop she talked about. It thrills me a lot to see so many pets. ^___^ There are puppies and a few beautiful kittens, some bunnies, a baby sugar glider, guinea pigs (omg they just stood and squeaked at me and looked at me~ I don't know if they were terrified >__<), an iguana, some hedgehogs and many more~ There are two breeds of hamster sold in the shop and I went for the Roborovski breed~ Choosing the male one was easy because it came to my hand fast, but not for the female one. I had to ask for the shopkeeper's assistance because the females are very timid and I did not want to scare them away. 

And voila~! I have new family members now~

We have yet to give them names~ = ] I will try my best to be a good owner >.< and I hope they will like the new surrounding too ^^


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