Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ball-Jointed Doll Leggings

I keep forgetting to update this on my blog.
Remember my entry about the Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) leggings? I mentioned that I wanted it so much and I wished I could find one. I was kinda excited in March because I found it! =D I was indeed delighted when Waruineko on my Facebook tagged me in a photo of the BJD leggings~ Well she was actually calling for a batch order at that time. One of my classmates, AG wanted one too, and both of us got some discount~ ;D

The leggings arrived less than two weeks after the mid-semester break. ^____^ But, to be honest, I have not tried it on yet. In fact, I took the photo this morning. Haha I reckon I will try it soon and find some apparels in my closet to match with this~ ^^


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