Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memories of A Week Before

The main events of this semester have finally over, and I've come to the final lecture week. In other words, my exams will begin in less than 10 days from now! Of course I am nervous, but life is still life, and I ought to enjoy every bits and pieces that come along. So yeah, these are some photos I'd like to share here~

Taming of the Shrew

The crews and casts.
photo belongs to Jack

With the makeup artist and the hairdresser~ And next to me is my partner in the play~
photo belongs to Xavier

On my right is Albaqry and on my left is Lizamaria. The three Semester 5 casts~

This is Ainul, a very sweet girl! She's from Semester 2~ ^___^ We attend  Japanese for Communication Level 2 class together~

The ladies~~~ We're all pretty~ They're all taken except me~ *LOL*

Some favouritism, I'd say. On my right is Evan and on my left is Ling. I wish I had the chance to take more photos with them again~

The play has enlighten me a lot and I learned many things from the crews and casts. The fact that the play has finally over sort of killed me a little. I'll surely miss all of them. Moreover, I won't be seeing most of the crews and casts anymore as they'll be going off for their practicum soon. When they're back in the university, I'll be away for practicum. *sigh* I miss all the precious moments I spent with all of them although I did not talk much to them.

I suppose this is my best semester ever here because of the activities I joined and the seniors and juniors I befriended with~


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