Friday, May 17, 2013

Before Graduation

Everyone's got a dream to be achieved before graduating from the university. Some of my friends would like to travel to the UK and some would like to get married first. Some would like to travel on a plane and ship, and some would like to have a stable past-time job. Some of my classmates would like to climb the Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in the South East Asia.

My brother will be graduating this year, and he will start working in his chemistry engineering field in early 2014. He plans to go to the Australia for a couple of months and one thing that he wants to do the most is to pluck and harvest the apples. 

So lately, I had been wondering what should I achieve before I graduate. I have no intention to travel anywhere in particular, because, sometimes financial seems to be the obstacle. Hmm, nope. I have poor financial management ;P eheheh~ Of course, I do not want to ask for money from my family, because I think it is embarrassing and it is not an appropriate thing to do. Or maybe it's just my ego. Thinking of graduating from the university and start the working life as a teacher in a secondary school somehow makes me feel suffocated. Until today, I reckon I have not really love the life of teaching students. In fact, I never liked teaching. I prefer studying a lot more.

Yes, I have decided. I have planted my seed to continue studying even after I leave my university. That is what I really want to do in the nearest future. I have always liked phonetics and phonology since the first day I enter the college back in July 2009. I intend to further my study and be a doctor of philosophy a.k.a. PhD in the field of phonetics and phonology. For that, I promise myself to study hard (and mad?) and get someone or my university to sponsor me to further my study. It is true that I am not keen to work, what more to be a teacher? I believe, I will be resolved if I continue studying even after I have graduated. Perhaps, studying until I get old will be a part of my life plan? Well, we'll see. ;)


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