Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A soiree

The English Language Society (ELS) Soiree

The last event (I reckon) of the current semester has finally over~ The ELS Soiree was fun, but I hope there were more food LOL~ One of the seniors who sat next to me is a vegetarian and she can only savour a few dishes served >____< I am a little better than her since I am only allergic to chicken. Other than that, everything else was fine~

Jared, myself, Chanchan and Liza~
photo credits: Bii
Finally, *somehow* a photo with Jared~ He played the character Lucentio in the play last week~ Jared and Liza were the emcees while Chanchan and I were the soiree protocols and ushers~ And the gent in the photo below is Javier, who played as Tranio in the play~ 

Hurray~ A photo with Tranio~
photo credits: Bii
And then, the presentation of certificates to the members who participated in the programmes held by the ELS this semester~ I received a few certificates, yay me~~

This is the dean of the Faculty of Languages and Communication~
They are my batchmates who attended the soiree~ Yup, only the six of us. :/

From left: Yang, Liza, myself, Weiwen, Sinni, Cohan
The ladies~~~ I love this photo despite the blurriness. In fact, I think the blurriness is what makes the photo beautiful~

And oh, the door gift of the ELS Soiree. I love the quote on the box~ But I love the quote on the cup more~ It says "What is not started today is never finished tomorrow". Sweet~ Now I am reminded of my assignments~! And while most of my friends got a bunny stuffed toy, I've got a lion~! I love it very much!

ps: soiree is pronounced as /ˈswɑː.reɪ/ 


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