Saturday, April 13, 2013

Puppies In The Campus

On my first day in the new residential college (which was two months ago),  I saw a white dog with black spots from my window. I whistled and tried to lure the dog to come nearer because I had some bones for it. But it ran away. I guess it's really timid.

One week later, when I was cycling in the evening, I found a few puppies at the nearest lecture block to my hostel block. I did not go near them because I thought they would be afraid of me. But one of the puppies crawled near me and I managed to capture its photo~ I supposed it wanted to play with me~

Two days later, I went cycling to the lecture block again to see them. My heart went sore when I saw them sitting close to each other and they whimpered :( 

It rained almost every day in late February till the mid of March. I was pretty sure that the puppies were cold and hungry. I felt so sad looking at them. :(

I told my friends to keep the bones of whatsoever type of meat they eat so that I could feed the puppies. I did manage to get some, and I fed the puppies. I knew the amount wouldn't make them feel full, but I hoped I helped them in some way. I felt better to see them eating.

I thought of the puppies quite often. I was really worried about them. I wanted to adopt them and bring them in to my hostel room so that it could be their shelter, but that would be against the residential college rules and regulations. I often wondered if they were hungry, cold, thirsty or if they were in any form of harm. The rain stopped me from going out most of the time.

Soon after, when the weather was fine, I would bring a bottle of water and a container with me when I visit them. And I would be particularly happy when I collected many bones from my friends. Seeing the puppies eating happily lifted up my mood too~

After feeding them several times, they seemed to be able to recognize me and my smell. They got somewhat attached to me and they would want to play with me. Being around with them could make me smile~ Oh, and when I happened to pass by any food store, I would buy a carton of milk and a small can of Pedigree for them too. I wanted to have some variety for them~

Every time when I had to go back, two of them would ran to my direction. It killed me a little. I wished I wouldn't have to leave them or they could stay with me~


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