Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Knitting and Knitting

I promised myself that this semester I will knit something, like phone pouch maybe? So yesterday I was so keen to knit and I took out the yarn, and knitting needles. Unfortunately I had forgotten how to knit. But I am really glad there's YouTube, and I can easily search for some tutorials. I recollected my memories LOL~~ Then I begun the easiest thing to knit, which is a pouch. It can be phone pouch, laptop sleeve - anything with four surfaces. I knitted a few rows yesterday, and I continued knitting today.

Work in progress~

I finished knitting this evening~

I joined the sides using my crochet hook since I don't have any yarn needle. Thank goodness I know about crochet too~ I easily use some tricks I learned in crochet to join them.

And voila~~

My phone was already in there~

 It fits just nice, not too tight nor too long. I thought it was a little short, but I suppose that's fine~


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