Friday, 11 January 2013

Some Break, it is~

 Hello readers~ My exams were over about almost a week ago and I have got back home two days ago~. Well my broadband is still in error. My brother said most probably the SIM card is spoiled. So we made a visit to the Celcom Center and apparently, I need to sign some form and also bring my laptop along. There are quite a lot of process, aren't there? For the time being while waiting for the weekend to come and sort this problem out, I can only use my brother's laptop to access to the internet. Of course, not all the time. Like now, he's taking his nap. So yeah..

My only entertainments are the movies in my hard disk and also some novels I bought before my finals. I really enjoy them = ] Really.

Ah crap. I didn't crop this nicely.


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