Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Love Letter Cookies

Hello dearies. How do you do? I see some of my friends are already on their leave for the Chinese New Year. To those who don't celebrate, I hope your break will be a great and fun one~ And to those who celebrate, how's your preparation? I already have some red colour decorations hanging on the wall and on the tree~ My family also had made some cookies and distributed them to our friends~ Well just to share with you all, we made the love letter cookies lately~ There were 7 to 9 people doing altogether~ Two were getting the cookies ready over the charcoal, two were refilling/pouring batter into the mould, two were folding the cookies into shape, one arranging the cookies into the tins/containers, and two more were all-rounders (preparing the batter and helping around). We started at about 8.30AM and finished doing them at about 3.30PM. We used up 30 eggs, if I'm not mistaken~

Each person handled like 12-15 love letter moulds. Not many people believe that one person can candle that many, but you better believe it~ 

Pouring the batter~~~

Taken in the noon~~

The mould~
In the end, we make almost 30 tins, which almost half of them belong to us! I wish I had taken more photos, but we were so busy making them :( By the end of this year (hopefully) I'll make the cookies again~ Then I'll capture loads of photos~~~

I love doing love letter cookies and I have been doing them since 10 or 11~ One of the reasons is the love letter making has brought me friends~ Haha it's a bit complicated to say, but making love letter cookies is so fun! If you don't have steel hands to draw the cookies from the mould or to fold them into shape, you can always arrange them in the container or pour  the batter into the mould~ I miss making the love letter cookies already~ >< Can't wait to eat them, but I must not touch them before the Chinese New Year comes. Or else, there won't be any cookies at all~ =9


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