Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Highlights of Year 2012

Well, below is the review of some important events that happened throughout this year~

It was the last month for my coursemates and I to be in our IPG Ipoh Campus, as we had to leave for UPSI for 2 years in order to run our twinning program. Well, we will be back in IPG in 2014~

Our lovely tutor had a farewell party at her house for all of us~ I bet the lecturers will miss us~
This fried sauce noodle is the food that I will miss the most...!

All of us successfully registered ourselves in UPSI~ And the we will be here for 4 semesters~ TT^TT

Me? Teacher? Seriously???

I begin to like this place, slowly. Maybe because of the beautiful scenery. I love the mountains and the pretty clouds~

I captured this at the balcony of the residential college I stayed during the first semester~ Isn't it pretty?
Out of the adventurous reasons, on one of the Saturdays, my friend and I walked to the town all the way from our residential college. It took us about 15 minutes only, and I saw beautiful nature on my way.

I also saw a herd of cows feeding on the grass by the river side~

As assignments and presentations came in, I never forget the need to relax and enjoy LOL 

For the first time in my life, I tried archery. Man, it was very fun and I am so happy to try it. I'd  definitely go for archery again if I had the chance in future~

I bought myself a folding bike. It costs me less than RM 600 including its bag. I have to admit that, I stopped cycling at the age of 8 or 9. Cycling was so much fun and I suppose it is a blessing for me too~ There is a shop that rent bikes to students near my residential college. I often cycle with my friends to the town and also to our university. So I think that buying a bike for myself will not be a bad or wrong choice at all~

Yes, this was in April. If you see me now, I'm  mildly tanned already, okay?


I stepped in to Tanjung Malim's Secret Recipe~ *Achievement Unlocked!*
My hamster died (╥﹏╥)


My besties and I cycled from our residential college to the Teratak River~ The river's great and we're so happy ^___^

First time sitting for exams in UPSI~ There'll be another 3 more semesters here~ And I quite like it~
*I don't know what does the image have to do with the exams*
 And next, semester break~!

*faceless boar HAHAHAHAH*

It's summer~~~
I spent my summer in Pulau Perhentian~ T'was great and I love it~

I wish I could go to the sea or beach again~ ^^

During my summer vacation, my lovely Brown Brown died :(

Mother sowed the seeds of watermelon in one of our flower pots. Surprisingly, it grows~!
They're so cute~!!!!
I made my visit to Ipoh. I didn't get to go to my IPG because everyone was on their PBS. So I met up with my love. And he gave me Owl City's CD~! I'm so happy..!


I dug out my Lolita outfits...!

I was trying to look like a mannequin.

 The new semester has begun~ And..

Bloody tragedy D: I accidentally cut my finger with a kitchen knife. The cut was deep. I still have trauma holding knife and other sharp objects.
And I went to Genting Highlands HAHAHAHAH
 And I celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here with my friends~

The best thing is the world is free~

My besties and I joined our residential college's cooking competition

And we're the champion ^^

My Whitey died in the middle of the month. Mother hid its death from me :(
 And it's my birthday~

Yummy cake~


I was the first runner-up in Sudoku competition~

I crocheted a snowflake for myself..!

And I indulged in water colour painting. It looks...ugly? Nah...it's just not nice enough.


I cosplay again for my dear friend. It feels great to meet all my cosplay friends, but I feel somehow sad because they can't recognize me
This. This thing, is my last meal of the year.


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