Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cutesy Things

I've been feeling feminine since yesterday because of some girlish games I downloaded into my Android tablet LOL~~~ 

The cutest game in my tablet so far, Hamster Life. The game title is Hamuster, most probably because it wants to preserve the identity and originality of the Japanese developer. Everything in this game is so cute! I love the sound effects in this game! From munching the sunflower seeds to running the exercise wheel, everything is very adorable!

Each player is given a default setting upon starting the game. There are a wooden branch house, a red exercise wheel, chips, water, green plastic food container, unlimited supply of sunflower seeds, and lastly, a grey hamster. They are all in the cage. As we play, we will earn XP and money when we pat or tickle the hamster. When we receive a certain XP, we will level up and be given a piece of cheese~ The money we obtained can be used to buy more hamsters, change the chips or bedding into tiles or grass, the exercise wheel, and the house too~ I've received another 2 hamsters this morning when I shared the link of this game to my Twitter and my Facebook ^___^

Then, there's this Japanese game downloaded, and yeah, it's fully in Japanese. Luckily I can still read them~ It's the 。It's read as Micchirineko, meaning Micchiri Cat (if "micchiri" doesn't bring any meaning). It requires Adobe AIR to load. I don't really get how this game is played yet~ But it seems like I need to みっくす (mix) the cats in a jar~ LOL~

Yup, the cats can float and they collide with each other~ *I don't know what's the point of playing this game yet LOL~* I just love the pastel colours in this game~

And Happy Jump! It's a new a featured game in the Android market. The default character is a jelly! Must be strawberry flavour~ Well, we just need to get this jelly to jump and jump onto the wooden plank, and try to reach as high as possible. We need to collect the golds as we jump and get rid of the obstacles like the bees. If we (the jelly) hit them, we'll fall and die. There are also apples on the way up there~ Jump on one and the jelly will give out rainbow~ We will get coins by the end of the game, and from the coin, we can buy something~ There are other characters in this game, and we can only buy them with the coins we obtained~ There are ice-cream scoops, puddings, cupcakes, chocolate chips, and many more!

I must go now. The world game needs me!


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