Thursday, 24 January 2013

Being Fit is Better Than Being Slim

Hello there. How are you doing? After my long hiatus on my fitness, now I'm back to working out again.

The picture above says it all. And why am I working out? The answer is as below:

I follow several Fitblr, and I found some great work out plans, y'know? I did these this morning:

It feels extremely great to see my fats cry. Working out again after a long break is of course a bit torturing, but if I don't start it again today, then when? I believe, one year from now, I will regret if I don't start today. My aim is not only doing this for myself, but also to like what I see in the mirror. Well, the beginning is always the hardest, but I know once I get my feet on this, I can hardly stop. ;)

Motivational images~

All photos are the courtesy of the Fitblrs I follow on Tumblr. Click here to follow my Tumblr.


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