Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mackenzie Foy is the new Beautiful.

The name's Mackenzie Christine Foy and she's only 12. She was cast in the role of Renesmee Cullen in the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2. To me, she is perfect.

Won't you agree with me? She's stunning.

Those are some of the screenshots from the recent Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2. And the below are the pictures which I found from the Google Image~

She is so gorgeous. I wish I could give birth to a pretty daughter~ Hope my daughter would be as breathtaking as her~ xD
Anyway if you have not watch the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2, you better do so~!! The book is better than the movie, though. In fact, books are always better than their movies~



Hani Suraya said...

lagi cantik than bella XDDD

Vivian Chong said...

Kih3 kan~ xDDD dia cantik sangat..!