Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ball-Jointed Doll Inspired.

I was exposed to the new pantyhose fashion via the Malaysian Lolita Club (MLC) or somewhere. Well, if you're a doll or BJD lover like me, I suppose you'd love this too. When I first see it, it was worn as a Lolita coordination. It was something like this (I couldn't find the first picture I saw so I had to take this from the Google Image):

It is not that I like Lolita and BJD therefore I want a pair of the pantyhose for myself. I feel that it is pretty in a way that it captures my attention so much. I tried to find it the Taobao, but I don't have any luck in it. It was the same on some of the local online shopping websites I know. But, I am giving all my gratitude to the  F Yeah Lolita blog for giving me hope and helping me out. Beadborg is offering a service to customize any socks or pantyhose for the customers. Just look at one of the work. IT IS SO REALISTIC.

I hope this will not scare any of you.
The doll pantyhose has been a fashion statement in the Japan, of course. The girls there simple love to match the pantyhose with a darker dress or skirt~


This reminds me of the Chibi Maruko-chan~

This looks real too, eh?

Another coordination with a Sailor Lolita OP.
I recognize that bunny bag and I am sure it's
from the BTSSB~

I really want one~

There's a BJD~ I suppose it is Yo-SD size.
I saw this packaging on the Google Image. I guess this is how it looks like~ *I hope I can own one TT__TT *

And it comes with an instruction paper~ I think it is to tell which is the front and which is the back~

^ When it is worn
(Is it me, or the girl is creepy?)
It is a complement for all the cosplayers who cosplay any dolls characters like Rozen Maiden or Angelic Layer. I do not know who this Shinku cosplayer is, but her picture has been going around the net for YEARS. I really love this picture too~

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