Friday, 9 November 2012

RED Taylor Swift

(The title says it all)

Have you bought her latest album, RED? It had been released worldwide less than a month ago. More than 1.2 million of copies were sold within the first week of her album debut! In case if you were still wondering, there are 16 tracks altogether in the album. I mean, this is just so awesome and cool, right?

Even the album cover looks great~

The deluxe album cover~ RED

Goodies~ Limited edition merchandise~~~ The albums were (and are?) on pre-order last month~ Cool~ *O*

And of course, Taylor will be on her world tour in 2013. Sadly, Malaysia is not one of them Dx *sobs*

I've listened to all the songs, and my favourite songs are All Too Well and Begin Again. I'm going to keep on supporting her~ Yay for Taylor Swift~!


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