Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My RED Project

I was searching for my long-forgotten red kebaya that I bought for myself in 2010. I must really thank my mother for helping me to look for it. I put it on, but I have to say that it is getting bigger. Uh....no, to be more shameless, I've gotten slimmer. *JOY~~~* I used some safety pin and pined about 1 inch from both left and right from the inside. It was still loose, though. I asked my friend to capture the photos of me wearing it, and there you go, my coordination for my first day~

During the summer, I bought myself 10 pairs of the daily disposable contacts *because I was keen to swim LOL~* And after all the days I swam, I still left a few pairs, so I decided to bring them to my university. I wore them on the second day of my RED project. I wore a PDI tube top amaranth and matched it with my black cardigan. I believe I looked good~ 

On one of the Saturdays in my university, I accompanied Mr. Pig to the town to help him with his  photography assignment. Meanwhile, we dropped by at one of the Indian shops and browsed through some clothing. Well, I have always been wanting to have a Punjabi suit for myself. It happened that one of those hanging discount sets caught both of ours eyes. The top is carmine in colour and the pants are dark blue. I like the gold beads and painting embroidering on the cloth. I never hesitated to try it out although the pants are designed in trunk hose. As expected, I look good in it (<--- LOL~~ xDD). It was only RM 49 for that one set, and it includes the top and the pants, as well as the scarf. I bought a set of bangles too as a complement. I got a great discount from the seller~ I wore it on my third day, unfortunately I had forgotten to bring my scarf out with me but that's okay because I know I will still look good xDD;;

I'm sorry that the pictures are small >__<

I had forgotten to capture any photo for my coordination on the fourth day. A little bit sad, but hey, I am still happy for myself for the rest of the week~ Cheers~ I hope all of you have a great day~ ^___^


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