Thursday, 8 November 2012

Marimo, oh Marimo~!

I love my little marimo more than yesterday, every day~ Well these pictures were taken when I was choosing my own marimo as a birthday present. They come in different sizes and they are kept in different glass bottle sizes, and of course, the price varies too.

These are phone straps. They cost
RM 8 each~ Cute and petite~~

The medium size ones are placed in this bottle size, and
they are only RM 25~  Each glass bottle comes with a bell~

This is the same as the former. There are slightly bigger
ones which cost RM 35. You can opt the bell for a small
birthday card (and the likes) as a gift too~ I just prefer
the one with bell~

This is the same as the first one~

Well, there are much bigger ones, placed in an aquarium together with some fish. They are like over RM 100. I just like the medium size ones a lot, not too big nor too small~ To me, it is really a cute pet (yes, a pet). It is just wonderful.



inaba said...

So they are like moss rock inside a bottle. Awesome. :D

Vivian Chong said...

Moss ball, actually~ ^^ cute,eh?

inaba said...

Quite. I saw it from my friend not to long ago. It's kinda interesting what people came up this day. ^^

Vivian Chong said...

Mine somehow becoming a love shape, rather than the round ones like others~