Monday, 26 November 2012

Games and Accessories

Are you a girl who loves gaming as much as you like accessories? Well, hey~ I really don't think you should be shy to admit it~ Why don't you put on some really geeky stuff on yourself and show them off around your family and friends? I think these accessories are really cool~

Purchase these or more from Sanshee~ If you love Pokenon you should visit this webstore too!
Game Love Necklace, Royal Mushroom Earrings,
Royal Star Necklace, D Pad Earrings
The POW expression reminds me of Stan Lee! And oh, I love that Tetris bracelet~ Wouldn't you love it too? Visit the Rainbow Darkness for more~
8 Bit Pixel Heart Dangle Earrings, Tetris Bracelet,
POW Comic Expression
I think they will really look cute~ I wish I could have them all with me~
Super Mario is indeed the first game I play in my life. I remember watching my brother playing the game and I joined him~ I got fully attached to the game when I was 8. And guess what, the Super Mario team will be with me, all thanks to Pixel Party~
Question Block Bobbypins,
Mario Loves Pauline Bracelet
Mario Kart Bracelet~ 
Piranha Plant Earrings, Koopa Earrings
Mario Earrings
You people should really visit these awesome webstores! I wish I could purchase them locally though~!


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