Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Mid-Autumn Festival~

I hope it's not too late to wish
to everyone~~~

I have to say that 2012 celebration is different from previous years. Well, when I was little, my family would bring me to a parade in the town and walk around the town area with my lantern~ Then as I grow up, the celebration got "duller", whereby my family celebrated with our neighbours only. And as time passes by, we don't really celebrate the festival already.

I am saying that this year's is different because I had the opportunity to celebrate among my close Chinese friends, there were 6 of us altogether. Yang and I went to the Tanjung Malim town several days ago to survey the price of mooncakes, and we bought a packet of 4 with only RM 7.90. They are cheap, but delicious. They are vegetarian type of mooncake and they are not oily at all. Cohan had been very helpful and he helped us to buy the lanterns as well as candles. We actually pre-celebrated it in our residential college area and to begin with, we had our mooncakes and tea. All thanks to WeiWen for the tea~

Vegetarian Lotus Paste Moncakes~~~
From left: WeiWen, Cohan, Yang, me, and Ting. Photo credits to SinNi~
Cohan and Yang~ They are roomies~
Ting, she stays opposite my house~ And that's SinNi and WeiWen, roomies too~
Before we began the highlight of the celebration, we had storytelling and we played games. Very enjoyable and everyone had good laugh. The 'Truth or Dare' was very fun, all because of Cohan. He has very silly ideas and questions to throw about. Soon after, we began lighting our lanterns. Ting had to leave early because she needed to attend a meeting at other residential college.
The front one is orange in colour, belongs to Yang, and mine's pink, at the back.
The burning candle inside my lantern~~
That's me~~
 Everyone had fun and we agreed that it was not enough. The moon was so beautiful and I was very contented looking at it. Then because we were not satisfied, all of us agreed to light up the lanterns again soon~ I was so excited about it. It feels like I have never lit up any lanterns since ages ago. And 2012 celebration is definitely a memorable one. All of them made my day ♥

So the day after this pre-celebration which is on Saturday, I managed to share my own mooncake in green tea flavour with my Chinese friends~ I'd really love to share with my Muslim friends because some of them have never tried one before. Unfortunately, I can't find any mooncake that is 'halal'. Well, better luck next year~
I can't remember what brand this mooncake is..sobs.
The celebration went on on Monday after our long day in classes. However, there were only 3 of us this time. But half a loaf is better than none~ 
SinNi's, Yang's and mine~
A photo of my lantern and I, figuratively xDD;;
Alright, this is a better one, I guess.
 Well, the show must go on. We kind of ran out of idea of what to do aside from walking around with lanterns, so one of us came out with the idea of burning candles. It was very entertaining, I'd say. The wind was strong on that night and we had to protect the flame of all the candles.

Yang suggested making a heart shape~
Then, we changed the shape to a circle~
Lighting up and protecting the flame~

And there, we had it~

The night ended just like that, and the moon was still shining brightly. I ought to repeat that the 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is very memorable. I am sure all of us feel the same way~ I hope 2013's will be very fun too~


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