Friday, 19 October 2012

Master Chef KHAR Cooking Competition

It was the Chinese Cultural Fiest three Saturdays ago in my residential college and various programs were organized. There were colouring contest, cooking competition, Chinese calligraphy comp., morning exercise with the committees, games, and performances. My friends and I were sort of bored during that week, so we decided to join the Master Chef Cooking Competition. 

They provided the wok and stove (of course xD), onions, garlics, vegetables, chicken, sambal, sugar, salt, and oil. We could add in other ingredients but we had to buy them n our own. Yang, kak Ikin and myself agreed to form a group. We bought eggs, chilies and oyster sauce. 

So this was taken on the day of the competition itself. They had also prepared us a tray~ We were informed that there were 12 teams competing and there would be 2 sessions (6 teams in each) and my team was in the second session. We were also informed right on the spot that the theme of the competition is Chinese style Kuey Teow. Well to be frank, Yang and I had no idea what to prepare. So yeah, while waiting for the second session, we went lingering around, stalking the first session's teams~

We spot hot guys!! *and their aprons are so cute..!*

Our team's name was Choco-Bo, and we made Golden Sensation. One of the judges said it was rather tasteless, and another one said it was very good and she liked it~

The champion was not announced until at night during the opening ceremony of the Chinese Cultural Fiest. My team was so surprised and happy to know that we won the first place! Look at the hamper~

With my teammates~ So lucky to have them with me~~


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