Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Going Places

In the past two months, I have been going to several places quite often. The place that brought back the most memories was when I went to Ipoh in the late August. My wish to visit my IPG couldn't come true due to several reasons, and in the end I only went to Ipoh Parade for some walk.

 I kind of have some affection toward green tea.

 I love the bokeh in here~

Then during my first weekend in my university, I had to go down to KL to attend a seminar. 

 Well, first thing to do when I reach KL is to treat myself with good food from the Happy Meals Café~ In case if you don’t know, it is located right opposite the Popular bookstore in the Petaling Street.

 Let’s go to 1U~ ^__^

 I had some Korean cuisine o’er there.

 And I took a sip~ (and more..!)

 This picture is going to be the last one for this entry~

Photos credit to my friend, Yang.


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