Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I told myself, I want the simplest birthday ever for my 21st year with mother.
I only want to stay at home, spend time with my mother. I planned to bake myself a cake, and until this morning, I was still undecided on what cake to bake. Then mother said don't bake any because she'll buy one later. I don't know what or how to react to that, to be happy or what?

I wished to just stay at home, then mother brought me out to eat my favourite "Wattan Hor" (fried kuey teow with gravy). After that, we headed to a bakery shop. She told me to get an ice-cream cake, and there, I stumbled upon a peppermint ice-cream flavour one. I really wanted that one, but it was a little bit out of shape, because the fruit topping had slopped down. So, I went on and picked a strawberry ice-cream cake. Well, it wasn't perfect too, but it was much better than the latter.

I am officially 21 years young~ ^^

With my beloved one and only mother~
Yummy yummy~~
I would really like to express my gratitude to my mother. Every year, may I or any other people, celebrate their birthday with friends, but how many people out there actually thought of his or her family members?Who remembers that our mother went through the roughest and worst pain when delivering us? Indeed, mother is the one who goes through the most when bringing us up. Without our mother, what would we become? We might not even be here.

We seek for our mother when we were down and we seek them for everything when we need something. I am just so grateful because I have my mother. There are of course ups and downs, but that's the way life is because nothing is perfect, and nothing is permanent. And lastly, thank you mom, for bringing me up. Don't worry about the house, brother and I will take care for you~ My birthday isn't grand, but it's already more than enough when you are with me.


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