Friday, 21 September 2012

Second Week~

Today marks the end of the second week in my university~ I like it when I can see my friends and honestly, I like studying over long-term holiday. You have no idea how much I actually wanted to prepare the Powerpoint slides and present something to someone or anyone. Well anyway, coming back to Tanjung Malim of course has a drawback, which is nonetheless but the slow internet connection. My broadband fails on me, and the WiFi of my residential college is pretty unfriendly too. Anyhow, when it comes to the end of weekdays, I feel tired. Of course, with the classes and activities around  me. To cut the stories short, I have 3 photos to share here.

This is me, holding my new beloved perfume, the Shiseido ZEN Eau de Parfum~ I love it so much~ 

I took this last week on the night I have my sports co-curriculum. It was only 10 PM when I had to go to bed~!

I asked Mr. Pig to capture this for me, on the day we had Spanish lesson. I shared this to my Facebook and it hit at least 50 Likes. Thanks guys~! I suppose this is actually the first time I receive so many Likes. *shameless*


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