Monday, September 17, 2012

Moments In The Room

Before I left home for my university in Tanjung Malim, I managed to play dress-up in my room the whole afternoon! It was a little tiring, but it was definitely fun and enjoyable~

And I finally put on my Infanta set <3 I just love the print! Won't you love it too?

And yes, I don't have a matching headdress and socks yet, I hope I can get them soon~ I had mom to take all the photos for me in my room~ Thank you mom!
Headdress: Cock Robin's Songs
JSK: Infanta
Blouse: Infanta
Petti: Hand-sewn
Socks: Secret Shop

Then I dressed up in my other JSK~ It became a bit awkward after that though~ But thanks again mom for the great help~
Headdress: Cock Robin's Songs
JSK: White Moon
Blouse: White Moon
Necklace and Ring: White Moon
Petti: Hand-sewn

I kind of like this shot~ I should not have put on my bobby pin on my fringe~

Some shots that I took myself after that 8D;;

Fake mole~~


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