Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer's Happiness

My mom was like "Oh dear, hurry here to see!" I was making my way through the toilet and well, when mom calls, I just have to go even though I was really in my urge. We could not believe our eyes, and surprised to see two table-tennis-ball-size watermelons in our flower pot (yes, mom planted the seed in a pot!). They were so tiny and cute! Mom was really excited and nervous to have them.

What surprises us more was there is another one, bigger in size. This is my first time seeing little watermelons, and believe me, they look so adorable~

 Summer has been tiring, and good things are happening around every day, every where, to any one. One of the happy things is, I am truly happy for my far-far-away cousin brother for dating this girl whom he knows from a church they attend. From what I know, he has been liking her for quite some time, as early as when he was 13 (I think so..). He confessed to her but he got rejected. He has never given up, and the best thing now is, they are dating. They study together in Warwick. I think it is really sweet..y'know? He is 22 now, well let's say he has been into her for like 8 (or more) long years, and finally his dream comes true. Knowing other people is happy makes me happy too ^___^  I love to know when someone's wish comes true <3

Another thing is, my coursemate who has been wanting to own a camera since before entering college has finally got one for himself. I feel so happy for him. It is like a gift for him, because he has good photography skill, and he usually takes photos with his iPhone. Now with the new Canon 650d, I am sure he can max out his skills.

Gosh, good things are happening around me. Such blissful blessing~


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