Monday, 9 July 2012

[REVIEW] Palty Juicy Peach

A few months ago whenever I stepped in to Watsons, I caught myself being tempted to dye my hair when I locked my sight at the KAO Liese Bubble Hair Colour (known as Prettia in Japan). I have always wanted my hair colour to be honey blonde or dark ash brown, and I, myself pretty much like the Japan Gyaru's hair colour. So I went looking for Liese's reviews from all over the world and I found that there are several other brands that are better than Liese. I looked out for the Blythe, Gatsby and other hair dye DIY brands you can find. Eventually I bumped into the Dariya Palty.

Why Palty?
Based on a good number of reviews, it seems like it is the best for Asians. Palty is custom made specially for Asians since we have very dark hair colour. Anyone who has dyed his/her hair will surely remember how disappointed (s)he is when the hair colour does not turn out to be like what's illustrated on the hair dye package (including me! I dyed once in a saloon). From another source I've read, it seems like Palty does not excrete disdainful chemical smell like other brands.

Colour Factor
I am giving 5/5 for the colour rating because my hair colour turns out to be like the colour stated at the back of the package. Anyone who wants to dye his/her hair should be mindful of the colour at the front of the box because it is usually very misleading (thus causing disappointment and complaints). In my case I used the Palty Juicy Peach, and this is me before using it;

Price Factor
RM 39.00 (12.22 USD) and I am giving this 5/5 rating.

Where to Buy?
Palty cannot be found in Malaysia, not that I know of. True to this when I read from another review, saying that Palty has to be ordered online. Thus, I managed to get one for myself from AiCandy Affaire.

I'd recommend this for fellow Asians who want to lighten their hair colour. Next time, I'll definitely use Palty again to dye my hair~ And yes, there isn't any disdainful smell of chemical (maybe because I have good air circulation!), my hair is soft and smooth too!



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