Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Lolita Wardrobe

Lately before I return to my reading habit, I had been lurking around Taobao and some other websites to look at lolita outfit again. Speaking of outfit, I am yet to expand my own wardrobe. So far I only have 3 lovely JSKs and a blouse.

This is my very first JSK, White Moon Country Style JSK. A pretty good start for lolita fashion lover. I have only worn once outdoor~ And below, is my second beloved piece, White Moon Sweet Parasol. I have yet to wear it and show to people~

To match both of my JSKs, I bought this blouse, Sweet Puff Sleeves Blouse from White Moon too. It is really lovely~

For the last Christmas, my friend bought me a set of blouse and JSK from Infanta. It is one of the most wanted country lolita set as I've seen on the Tumblr. Now I present to you, Infanta Floral Pinafore Dress~

This year, I am hoping to get some JSK again. So I saw the Grimm's fairy tales inspired pieces. Last year (or the year before last..) the Alice series was a popular hit among the Lolitas. Now, I saw Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood JSKs. And I think they are lovely.

This is Infanta's Cinderella and Prince Charming Embroidery JSK. I saw the dress details on Taobao and I think it is very great. It comes in several colours, but I think I like this colour the most. When I saw this, I remember my own fairy tale and my prince charming and LOL~ I reckon I must get this piece~

I kinda fall in love with this piece too~ The HMHM Miss Wolf JSK. The print is very lovely <3 And both of these JSKs are officially in my MUST-GET list. 


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