Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ecosmo Flying - Folding Bike

My diet plan went smoothly until 2 weeks later, I began consuming meat again. Nice, isn't it? I went back to my usual eating life style after that, with the snacks and what not. Nevertheless, few days ago, I began dieting again. And for all these while, I bought myself a folding bike. It is a Ecosmo Flying model. Ecosmo is sub-brand like Dahon and it is developed under the Raleigh. I personally like Dahon more but the bikes are a little pricey for me :'( So yeah~

Out from the folding bike bag~~

The brand~


Dissembling (is the term correct? @@) the bike~ 

Removing the newspaper wrapping~~

Oh yeah you can see my body, I am not as skinny or thin
as what people think I am. =/

Whee~~~ The first 30 seconds of ride xDDD



And thus, my journey of diet has begun *again*.


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