Saturday, 30 June 2012


I have always been wanting to blog about this.

This perfume was launched last year and I'd really love to have one of this.

I always look for Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume at every shopping mall I go, but there isn't any luck for me =( I saw it over on though..
Damn, look at the packaging. It looks good. 
Not only Taylor does launch her perfume, but lotion and bath gel too.
I really want to have a set of it =(

 Look at its gorgeous perfume bottle.
The closeup~
I really love the ornament below the cap *¬*

Taylor Swift fans will definitely know about the story behind Wonderstruck~ Not only it is from her song Enchanted, but also another reason~ Hell yeah~

Can someone buy me one for my 21st birthday? *________*

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck (UK Promo Video)

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