Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Finally Over

It has been a week since I am home, and suddenly I remembered that I have forgotten to blog about something I want to blog about.

It has been a great relief for me that the semester has ended. Frankly, I am happy to see the bed beside me empty, like how when I first checked in to the room. I invited this young lady to be my roommate, which everyone told me to get rid of her because she's been labelled "Attitude Problem" on the forehead. I actually didn't listen to anyone because I thought she isn't as bad as people think. However, I regretted that within a week. It was such a horror to stay with a young lady who doesn't care about cleanliness and eating habits. Soon, I realized that what people say are all true. People from other houses complained to me about her, but I never tell her a single thing. Well, at least I never judge people based on what others said, because I literally see things for myself. All I can say is that staying in the room is a complete nightmare.

Nevertheless, I am proud that I manage to keep my semester resolution, i.e. to make friends with everyone. Though ironically the only person I am not close with is in fact the person who sleeps next bed. I befriend both seniors and juniors of all races and religions, and from variety of courses, which to me is a big success. Most of my new friends are Chinese. They are from the Chinese course, Malaysia Studies , History, Music, and nonetheless but TESL too. They are all very friendly and nice too =D Sometimes, we hang out at the dusk or night. I make some Sabahan friends too. It is indeed true that Sabahan people are great jokers. In my opinion, it is such an indescribable pleasure to make so many friends from all parts of Malaysia. Someone told this funny thing to me, saying that I am so active in joining activities organized by other people. But I think that it is much better than staying in the room like a psychopath patient. Besides, if I don't mix around with everyone, when will I be able to do so?

I think I can shine and sparkle for the previous semester, and I will definitely polish my glitter for the coming semesters <3 Also, I can feel that I am a few steps nearer to my own happiness in life =D 

I feel the love to be at home, and I am so going to spend my time with all my precious hamsters. From time to time, I'd think of Fatty, and I sure miss her a lot. BrownBrown is ill and a leg of hers is paralyzed, Little One has grown big and furry, and Whitey is becoming real old. If they are gone, I am going to miss them badly. And, at home, I can have my very own time for novel-marathon~ Ah~ Heaven~~ Home oh home, thou art sweet. I mean like, imagine the comfort, love, and care <3 *and food too* I do not know if shopping is a homey heaven though.., because I am used to shopping online. Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't~ Mom has been so nice to me that she wakes me up every morning before dawn, and goes exercise with me. We'd join the aerobics with aunties, and I really enjoy myself. In the evening, we'd play badminton. I love playing it and I am becoming a good badminton player *LOL~~* And I miss everyone.., wonder what they are up to~


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