Sunday, 6 May 2012

E-sin and Ishizuka Mayu's Wedding

E-Sin と 石塚マユーさん の 結婚式
(E-sin and Ishizuka Mayu's Wedding)

O-hai~ My escapism from university life succeeded for a weekend. Well it was actually due to my cousin brother's wedding in Malaysia. He married to a Japanese ^___^ They first had the wedding in Japan for the female's family on 11.11.11~ And yeah, now it's the male family's turn~ The bride's name is Ishizuka Mayu, and she's really pretty~ Let's see some photos now~

The night before the wedding~

Cousin sister, myself, niece and niece~

On the wedding night~
It was held at Fortuna Palace Restaurant~ (not sure which district though.. @@)

Table for the bride and groom and their families~

Wine glasses~

Wedding Cake~~

The ladies working~ Cousin, myself, niece, niece and cousin~

Solo photo~ *o*

The best thing of the day, I was the
bridesmaid~ It's my first time though~
If I knew, I'd wear a nice white gown

The lovely couple and bride's family~

Cousin brother, E-Sin and Mayu, myself and Mama~

New scandal LOL~ Mayu's brother, Ishizuka Kenichi~

Cousin brother and I~

Between cousin brothers~ @u@

Photos credit: Nick~


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