Thursday, 31 May 2012


The subject of my entry today will be my very first hamster, 肥肥, in English, it means Fatty.
This is me, holding it. She was only one
month plus when I adopted her from a
senior in my college~
Back then, she was so tiny and she was really adorable~
Cute, eh?
And she's at the first level of the cage. This is a new cage
that I bought for her, and my first male hamster.

She was not named "Fatty" when I adopted her. Well, she was very active and/or playful, and she loves to eat. I named her "Amy" at first. The day after that, I realized that I don't quite like her name. Then I decided to call her "Sugarplum". I named her this when I liked the 'Cuppycake' song. And when I brought her (and the first male hamster a.k.a 白白, i.e. Whitey) home for my Chinese New Year break, mom called her "Fatty" by how she looked like at that time. She was already furry and had grown bigger in size.

And this was Fatty, for the first time ever she celebrated the
Chinese New Year with me.
After a couple of days, when I bathed her, I noticed that she
was expecting. I was so shocked and did not know what to
do. Nevertheless, she delivered her pups successfully.
I was so proud of her.
Her maternity blues, I supposed. She was so
active and she ran around the new cage I
bought. She'd climbed up the bars and bit
That's her and her pup which I named "Chocotop".
Sadly, Chocotop lasted for only 2 weeks. I had my hard
time going over its passing.
Fatty soon pregnant again and gave birth to 3 pups~
Well, this was her, somewhat 3-4 months after she gave
birth. She had gotten heavy~ Well, most mothers grow
fat after giving birth~ Never know it applies to animals

And yes, that one is Whitey. Fatty soon
lost some fur on my stomach. I wondered too
why did she always slept on Whitey. Then
I understood that she was actually cold
at her tummy. Poor her :(
This is a picture of her after a fight with her
daughter. Well, it's a girls' thing~ And
girls do fight too, even among a mother
and a daughter.
From this picture, I am sure you know why she is named
Fatty, and decide if she really suited the name~
One of those days when I was cleaning
her cage. She's so fluffy!
Notice that strawberry thingy?
I bought it for Whitey, but Fatty seems
to like it more. Anyhow, I'm glad she
actually loved sleeping in it~
This is one of the few recent photos of her. Recent as in..
uh...3 months ago?

This video is a video I took on that very same month, before I left home for university. I recorded my goodbye to her.

Well, that is my last goodbye to her. I will never have a chance to say goodbye to her anymore because she had left everyone already. I have to admit that I took her presence for granted, as I thought she'd live until end of this year. I never knew she'd left this early. And I'd never knew she left if I did not ring my mom this evening, and never knew if I never asked about my hamsters. I understand why she never tells me. Mom does not want me to be sad over this since my exam is just next week. At the moment, I am really sad because she's the first pet I ever adopted. I am so lucky to be her owner. I hope she meets all her pups in heaven. And I want to thank everyone who talked to me and cheered me up~ Thank you for being there for me~ Thank you Fatty for being with me all these while.



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

So bulat! I saw a very huge, bulat one in Sunway Uni Psychology Lab.

Vivian Chong said...

TT3TT .......