Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ever since coming to Tanjung Malim, I feel like all healthy food disappeared. In Ipoh, there are at least  vegetarian restaurants. Well here, there are oily food everywhere. Fried, grilled, and of course, oily =w= I feel eerie looking at the food here.

Nevertheless, I've started taking only vegetables as my main dish aside from plain rice. In addition to that, I have been very selective in eating. It is a lil' bit bad, but good in a way that I eat only food that are low in calories.

Some common food found nearby
 the hostel where I am staying,

What the hell... Look at the calories.

Fruits are so much better.

Then, I have also been doing some exercises. Long-distance walking, cycling, going to gym, doing aerobics and dancing. I feel great doing these exercises. Recently, whenever I listen to songs on the radio, I have the tendency to dance. I like it quite a lot. Feels nice to dance.

Some motivation images that I found on Tumblr~