Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Conformity and Solution

Out of the blue with what I posted previously, I talked to a close blog follower of mine and we had some discussion about difficulties I face here. Well, to think on the brighter side, yes, I shouldn't be complaining so much. Thin and bad mattress is better than nothing to sleep on. Perhaps I can buy a portable mattress, as suggested by this follower.

Well that was all being talked about =w= Anyway, yes, yes.... I must always think of the brighter side of things often. So yeah.. and now, I'd like to share a photo of mine, which was taken by my friend 2 months ago.

And, 2 days ago, I drew a picture of Hyuuga Hinata. Hmm... well, the face structure is off, but the rest's assured, I suppose.


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