Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I began to appreciate what I had before I came here. I miss every thing in Ipoh.

In Ipoh, there's good mattress that put me to peaceful slumber.
In Ipoh, the closet is big, such that I can stuff whatever thing I want in it.
In Ipoh, I can wake up anytime I want because I reach my class in 5 minutes.
In Ipoh, I have a big study desk and I can even put many books on it.
In Ipoh, there's many vegetarian restaurants and I feel healthy eating the food.
In Ipoh, there are lots of entertainment, shopping complexes and places to fill in the leisure time.
In Ipoh, there places I can visit at night, or whenever I am bored.
In Ipoh, I have lecturers that I can talk to like they are my fostered mother.
In Ipoh, I can go shouting at the corridor when people make noise at night.
In Ipoh, I can go to the field whenever I want to in 3 minutes.
In Ipoh, I can have all sorts of Chinese food including Taufu Fa, and have them in less than half an hour.
In Ipoh, I find many delicious food all around me.
In Ipoh, I can even walk to Giant in like 3 hours just for the fun for myself.

But everything is gone now (gone for 2 years =w=). Because I am not in Ipoh for the time being. I am now in Tanjung Malim. If Ipoh, or more precisely, Hulu Kinta, the place I study, was a "village", then Tanjung Malim's an isolated cave.

Here, I have soft mattress that I can even feel the wood underneath it and give me backache every time I sleep.
Here, I wake up often in the middle of the night for no reason..
Here, I need to wake up at least an hour early to prepare myself and make sure I get on to a shuttle bus to go to my university.
Here, I find no nearby vegetarian restaurants and I be eating meat every day.. Oh fats.
Here, the best shopping complex will be a single storey building, with nothing interesting things.
Here, the only place I can hang out at night is the cafe at the downstairs of the hostel.
Here, I have to tolerate with inconsiderate people who screams at near midnights when people sleep.
Here, no field for me to jog.
Here, I crave for dishes you can never find.
Here, I can do nothing.
Oh wait. Here, I need to squeeze in to the bus to go somewhere else because no one lines up.
Here, line connectivity is really sucky..
Here, may be a place you never want to end up in.

It is very true that one will only appreciate something when it is not with you. I wish I were in Ipoh somehow.

Even though the toilet may be far from the room, but I prefer that way.
Even though I need to walk up the stairs to go to my room because there is no lift, I prefer that way too.


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