Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hello readers~
In the past one month I have bought six books, and these are half of them~ From the left, Hard Times by Charles Dickens (this is the novel that I need to study for my Literary Criticism course), Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult (I've been longing to buy one copy TT____TT) and lastly, Dubliners by James Joyce =D

 And lately too, I have been exploring the Tanjung Malim town, whereby I finally stood in to the Grand Union supermarket (Well it isn't as grand as it sounds xD). And so happened that the Oreo biscuit was on cheap sale. It was sold for RM 1.99 per packet (usually like around RM 3.00).

Well, next, I managed to eat the famous Ban Mian (Board Noodle? @@ ) nearby the bus-stop~ I had the 3-coloured Ban Mian. There were yellow, pink and green colours ^^ It's really nice. I really crave for another bowl now~

And next.. Last week, I went wandering around the town again, and so happened that I planned to buy some more packets of Oreo. I was shocked to see that the price per packet has risen up =w= So I did not buy any~


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