Friday, 17 February 2012


I woke up this morning at about 8.30 A.M. to an SMS from a junior at my college. I am still wondering where did (s)he got my number from, and most importantly, I wonder why (s)he chose to text me. The main purpose of the SMS was unknown, because it was in Chinese (I have very limited knowledge on Chinese characters).

I forwarded the SMS to my ex-roommate. We then chatted for a while regarding the text message and she told me that she already has a new roommate. She doesn't like her and she wants me back. It's so sweet of her.

Now I miss her too ^___^ Too bad I'll only go back to my college in 2014, since I will begin my twinning programme in a local university 2 days later. I am sure I'm gonna miss my college and Ipoh TT___TT


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