Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey~ It's been a few days since 2012 New Year~ I did not manage to blog anything because I was busy. And yes, I have gone back to my college to sit for my final examination~ Well I have finished this week's papers~ And I decided to blog some stuff~

Well~ On behalf of the New Year among the Chinese which we celebrate in the near end of December~ The Winter Solstice Festival~

A bowl of 'em~

During the process of making, I was wanting to make a Christmas tree but it turned out to look like an ice-cream

My family made this much~

And after boiling them..

And well, these are the things I have been eating/drinking since I came back to college~
Cuppa Chicken Soup with Pasta~

Y'know this one~

Golden Dragon~ A type of vegetarian sushi~

Curry Noodle~

My vegetarian bento~


A cuppa hot chocolate, the macarons and notes~

Fries from the McD~

A bowl of good chicken porridge..!


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