Thursday, January 12, 2012

Campus Tour With Me~

Why hello there~ This entry will be on some random stuff and photos I took around my campus. Tagline: "Anytime, Anywhere". Well, not all the places in my campus I took the photos, only some like..the places I pass by~

This is my hostel block. The block J which is also known as the Margosa block~

The parking lot downstairs~

I live in the 2 floor of the block, and I took this photo in one of the evenings one or two weeks ago~

In one of the mornings before my roommate came back~ Well, ignore those silhouette xD

The scene when the curtains are drawn and no clothes hanging by the window~

The rotating fan on the ceiling~ I took this when I just woke up to my roommate's arrival~

This is all her belongings! So many things!

This was taken when I was revising for my exam last week~

Taken at the hostel gazeebo~

I found a stunning cat which reminds me so much of Puss in Boots~

A little way down the pavement on the way back to the hostel from the academic block~ The motor garage is always so full~

Part of the steering of Mr. Pig's car~ Well, sometimes I drive his car~ Massive fear at times xD


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