Tuesday, 6 December 2011

1.8KG White Moon

I had been keeping track of some stuff I ordered from the internet. Since last Saturday, I kept on hitting the refresh button to keep myself updated on the location of those stuff. Yesterday, I got to know that those stuff were already in Malaysia and this morning in Ipoh. I was so excited and I bet they would reach in the afternoon.

Well, proven that I was right. I was so excited to receive them.


Tadaa~ Lolita stuff

This is my first time and indeed, finally my dream to own a Lolita dress has been granted.
In fact, I ordered two! I was happy to receive some free items too <3

Necklace that came along with a dress and a ring with the other dress.

I like the ring very much =D And it sparkles

It is a complement to myself and of course, the dress 8D

Super excited day~


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