Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Randomness of Me

This is Chern Tee. It was my first time meeting her two days ago. She is a friend of Mr. Pig and she is very nice and friendly. We met up at the KLCC to do a COD of my lomo camera. Well she accompanied me to do some shopping first <3 She was like a sister then~

After the small shopping, we had lunch together in the Secret Recipe and were very bloated Dx So we ended up sitting there for nearly 3 hours LOL And after that, we went walking around in the KLCC together. Lastly, we went for movies too <3 It was really great. I enjoyed myself with her. We had quite a lot in common it seems~ Hope to meet her again soon ^___^

Myself, in the Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant.

With my nephew, Ivan, and niece, Kei Kei.

Me xD


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