Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Second Visit To The 9th Emperor God Celebration~

I went to witness the celebration again last Saturday. It started off quite late at night, at about 11.30pm. Yang went with me as well. So we departed from our college at 9.15pm and dropped by at Kelvin's house (since we'll overnight at his place).

As soon as we reached the temple, we went to the food and beverages area to settle our late dinner. I had Chee Cheong Fan with mushroom gravy. It wasn't bad at all. After that, we proceeded to inside the temple area. Well, I'll let the photos and captions tell the story~

Outside the temple.

The carriage for the God statue.

Outside the main temple hall.

The huge bell in the shrine hall.

One of the helpers there.

Welcoming the arrival of God (or spirit ~___~)

Helpers carrying the carriage to start the parade.

Ps: The parade was the highlight on that day.

The Lion Dance performance along the parade.

The Dragon Dance.

Chingay Parade.

The pole piercing from cheek to cheek.

The bleeding done when the God possessed the body of some particular helper.

Ps: As from what I know, not everyone can be possessed by the spirit. I heard that the Qi and most of all, the fate will be considered. When one is possessed, others'd have to ask who he is, as to know which God had possess the body.

The firework lit.

Each time when the possessed body by God returned to the temple, a batch of firework will be released. The whole parade lasted until after 2 A.M. The three of us did not stayed till the end because we were all tired.

It was really fun and exciting to be in the celebration ^___^ Photos credit to Kelvin.


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